Art Gallery Exhibit in Harlem, NY.

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The Black Face Madonna Photographer

The Black Madonna and The Vagina

One from a collection of images called the Black Madonna and the Vagina.
The Black Madonna

The Dominici Collective- Art Gallery Exhibit

An Art Gallery Exhibit, The Dominici Collective, sponsored by Miss Jessie’s, presents a stunning collection of sixteen black and white photographs meant to celebrate the strength, essence, beauty and reverence of Black women called The Black Madonna and The Vagina shot by award-winning photographer Donn Thompson. 

The Nightingale Madonna

The Nightingale Madonna, Black and White Photo – Art Gallery Exhibit

Donn has been curating this collection for nearly seven years–seven the divine number of completion. He prepares it for viewing in the gallery of the Dominici Collection with pieces ranging from 24×36 to 40×40, all printed on aluminium with certificates of authenticity provided with each purchase. Each piece is limited edition and will only have three copies available for collection. 

Black Body Madonna

Art Gallery Exhibit – The Divine Feminine Vessel – Harlem Photographer

Black Madonna and The Vagina features photographs highlighting the divine feminine vessel and the titular piece being a piercing set of eyes–a shot directed by Thompson’s four-year-old daughter Illyann. The pictures showcase the body of Black women and the essence and vision that a Black woman can only inhabit. Black Madonna and The Vagina will be available for viewing at The Dominici Collective, located at 2090 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd, Harlem, NY, beginning November 12, 2021. 

Sidewalk Cafe Madonna Georgetown, Guyana.


Sidewalk Cafe Madonna Georgetown, Guyana

Milk Bathing Madonna.

A beautiful 26.5 x 40 image printed on aluminium of the madonna in a milk bath as she expresses the softness of every woman and their ability to love themself like no other can.

Milk Bathing Madonna

The Photography – Dracinc / Donn Thompson – Harlem Photographer

New York Advertising PhotographerNew York Fashion PhotographerNew York Beauty PhotographerNew York Boudoir PhotographerNew York Portrait Photographer, and New York Lifestyle Photographer are some of the titles, along with my thirty-plus years of experience, I am most comfortable as. My team and I focus on all the small parts to allow you to see details that produce a triumphant ending with the highest quality……

Uncle Moe’s Piercing set of Eyes.

An Image shot and directed by four old Illyann Sebit Thompson. The bond and affection these two have for each other is a beautiful thing to observe.
When Illyann was a few months old, Uncle Moe was the only person other than her father she would acknowledge being picked up without crying.

Right away I come to understand, she would be the only person he would allow to capture the images you see. So I set up the camera on a tripod with all the correct settings. I sat back and observed the two of them work their magic. Uncle Moe’s Piercing Set of Eyes was one of the select.

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  1. Jacqueline Jenkins

    Wow. Thank you so much for sharing. These images are breathtaking. You have a beautiful way of capturing the essence of a woman. Congratulations

  2. Janet Luz Sackey

    These photos are profound! I love how Donn puts the beauty of the Black Women on a pedestal. Bravo!!!

  3. Tammy Lewis

    WOW BEAUTY TO THE EYES, Donn Thompson capturing natural beauty in these shots.
    I was blown away at the first glimpse of this collection. Donn Thompson has done a terrific job in creating this production based on a masterpiece presented by women. These photographs are powerful and eccentric high quality art work that certainly exceeded my expectation. I cannot wait to bear witness to this eclectic collection live in person. 🏆🏆

  4. Sheena

    These are phenomenal! You’ve captured the beautiful brown skin in its natural state while managing to not over sexualize still with so much sex appeal! I love it!
    Ohhh Uncle Moe, Uncle Moe this photo spoke to my soul. He reflected the innocence of Illyan as he smiled he reminded me to be still, it will all be fine in the end. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Sonia Alleyne

    These heart-stirring and celebratory images of the black feminine form have such dramatic impact and resonance in black and white! Bravo! I look forward to hanging one the portraits in my home.

  6. Taide Argelia

    The dictionary states that black is the “complete absorption of visible light.” Sometimes we need to be reminded of the light from which we come. We ARE the complete embodiment of light, beauty, and wisdom. All that we need and want is within us. Of course outspoken, talented, and creative Donn Thompson would see fit that we not forget the essence of who we REALLY are as Black people. This collection brings me joy as I admire the awesome complexity of my people. Thank you!

  7. Garett Sam

    Wow!!! 😍😍😍😍 all of the images are beautiful and breathtaking. It’s wonderful your daughter captured a photo of the gentleman.

  8. Tracie Springer M.ED

    Donn Thompson your body of work is incredible! The beauty and essence of the female brown bodies in your photographs are masterfully done! Looking forward to witnessing your brilliance in person.
    Tracie Springer, M. ED

  9. Nickelle Jackson

    Genius with the lens ! Every angle , jawline and the true essence of black beauty. I can’t wait for the up and close vision of your art and years I waited for this masterpiece.

  10. Donna Dive

    Donn!!!!! You did it again, love how you always capture the true element of our black elegant bodies, great collection my brother.

  11. Fernandez Barrett

    Beautiful set of images and concepts.

  12. Stella O’Hara

    Donn is a true artist, with flair! He’s an original and sets the bar for other photographers around the world! I’m looking forward to attending his gallery opening and viewing his work. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a masterpiece!

  13. Ann Balfour

    Donn Thompson, your photos are AWESOME and very unique. There is nothing like capturing a black woman. Love them all.

  14. Elizabeth-Marie Kirton-Lewis

    Bravo! This entire exhibition moved me to my ancestors and back. I am in love with the tones, the emotion, the connection with uncle Moe…this really is some great work. I wish I could’ve been able to visit your physical exhibition.

  15. Kerron Riley

    This was simple put beautiful! Love the feel and the tones.. Emotional feelings in the images was very tasteful for creative enjoyment.

  16. Howard Breitrose

    These are beautiful photographs. Each one a moving story. I have been a fan of Donn’s work for years. With these he has surpassed his past photography and is running towards his future work!

  17. Collin Clarke

    I can’t wait to see this eclectic collection of photographs and the stories being told.

  18. Leslie Saltus Evans

    Donn is a master of light and composition! These exquisite images portray the love he has for women. I am in awe of his ability to capture their true essence. I am super excited to see them on full display! This showing should not be missed!

  19. Ingrid B. Rose FLMI, AIAA,ACS,MDRT

    Awesome and breathtaking, the natural beauty and grace you have captured through your photographically mind blowing of a black female. I cannot wait to fly from Nassau Bahamas and share this day to find a piece that will add to the three pieces that adore my restaurant. This new collection is so exquisite. It is a must see. My pieces have added to my business immensely

  20. Jamia

    What an Icon in this industry. I’m never left underwhelmed. It’s been a pleasure to peek here at your artistry. Congratulations on your opening. Continue to Soar!

  21. Christina

    Congratulations, Donn! There’s always an element of sensitivity that shines from your work.

  22. Chilaforfun

    This is a must have exhibit in our surroundings NOW!!! Put the world on hold and finally give the exposure to female blackness and beauty💥supposedly black models are more active in runways and magazines now…after Black Lives Matter movement, but sincerely is never enough for dark skin women!! it’s time to move forward with such beauty and realistic efforts, not to mention the artistic eye of such a genius ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Kerry

    These are amazing! I can’t wait to see the whole collection. So bold, beautiful and freeing! Amazing work yet not surprised because your talent speaks volumes of beauty on every level! Legendary!

  24. Tikealla

    Donn’s work is the best! He is one of the most creative, artistic and professional photographer ever!!!🥇🥇

  25. Zhane Clarke

    Such Beautiful interpretations of the Vessel that is the Black Woman 🙌🏽 Always!

  26. Mathie

    I’m crying 😭I don’t even know what to say except that I wish I was part of these models. This is sooo beautiful ♥️❤️I really love your work 😍

  27. Carlyle

    Black is truly beautiful…dope concepts

  28. Ellen Kennedy Williams

    Very beautiful and stunning is every image! This collection of pictures is uplifting, educationally and mentally encouraging as it boosts the confidence level of black women because it emancipates her from the darkness of not appreciating the awesome tender richness of her smooth flawlessly hued body.
    Presenting the pictures of the black woman in this collection celebrates and emphasizes her uniqueness in her hair, the width of her nose and mouth and the unfailing strength of the colour of her skin.
    Well done Don!

  29. Torya

    Donn, You always do amazing work. You are very talented and creative and you definitely have an eye for detail. It is always a pleasure working with you.

  30. Zhané Clarke

    Amazing experience I wish I could relive, extremely grateful to have been one of the muses in this beautiful series of this Afro-femme-power-to-the-pussy collection that personifies the very essence of the power a black woman yields in her body& sexuality 🙌🏽

  31. Francheska

    I was amazed by his beautiful collection. Everything was art. I have been lucky to be photographed by Donn Thompson. The best no doubt

  32. Mary Kennedy

    I enjoyed the exhibit! Donn, your photography is captivating and I especially loved Illyann’s capture of her Uncle Moe! Thank you for the gift bag. I loved the music from the DJ and am wearing my Dominici Apparel shirt as I write this. Thank you for the invite and keep up the excellent work! 💫

  33. Amy Sheets

    Piercing and Uncompromising, Donn Thompson’s work is as majestic as the Black Madonnas themselves! Thanks to You, Sarah + Iliyan for bringing back the night- full of music, fashion and artistry.

  34. Dianne Smith

    Donn Thompson’s work capture’s the essence and majesty of Black is Beautiful! Black Madonnas Indeed!🖤🖤🖤

  35. Krista Smith

    I’m in awe at the show you’ve shot and put together, Donn. This gallery was a beautiful homage to the black woman. What an amazing thing to witness.

  36. Dorcas Kemp

    Awesome work as usual Donn Thompson! It’s amazing how you get to express your talents through such exhilarating art! Beautiful nude study with great perspective!

  37. Basil Wallace

    A man who loves his mother’s beauty. An eye that fines it in all he sees that come from that source. A man in an ongoing conversation with the life force that produced him. A visually love song.

  38. Gevone Alexandria

    Amazing work! I Love the appreciation for the Black Woman & her beauty. The range from ethereal to bold and strong in each piece resonates exactly what a black is….

  39. Sherry-Anne Peters

    It was an amazing day when I walked into the art gallery and was able to embrace all the art pieces from one individual. The most captivating piece for me was the female anatomy. That did it for me. It inspired me to accept myself more and be comfortable in my skin. Being able to appreciate such art was astonishing. Everything was amazing. Thank you so much.

  40. Carene John

    I couldn’t believe my eyes! each piece in this exhibit was mesmerizing. Donn not only captured the beautiful physical form of these women, but he also managed to capture their essence. Simply BEAUTIFUL.

  41. Yaslynn Mack

    There is a rhythm to this collection where there is a repetition of captivating melanin in the skin tones and an illustration of the human anatomy putting focus on the beauty of natural human expression. Seeing aesthetics through the eyes of Donn Thompson is always a treat. What a beautiful collection!

  42. Shasha

    Such exquisite photographs. What a honor to see the beauty of a woman captured in such a unique, sensual creative way.

  43. Princess Okieme

    High quality Photographer who embodies sophistication with a unique worldly touch!!!! He is the best!!!

  44. Ines

    Absolutely amazing!

  45. Curttrynna Eady

    Donn Thompson is a true creative force. His perfect use of light on Black Skin is breathtaking. The highlight of Symmetry with several of the pieces is extraordinary. I’m definitely looking forward to experiencing more from this Artist.

  46. Curttrynna

    Donn Thompson is a true creative force. His perfect use of light on Black Skin is breathtaking. The highlight of Symmetry with several of the pieces is extraordinary. I’m definitely looking forward to experiencing more from this Artist.

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