Meet The Robinsons, Antoinne & Erika.

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Orange Hill Beach Engagement, Nassau Bahamas

Male & female couple on a sunsetting beach in the bahamas
Engagement at Orange Hill Beach

Meet The Robinsons.

I was thrilled to fly to The Bahamas to Meet The Robinsons a few weeks ago to photograph an Engagement Session.  Antoinne & Erika is such a fantastic couple to know as friends. A fashion-forward couple who looked every bit the part as if they were directly out of a magazine.

Pretty Woman on beach with a sun setting
Orange Beach Sunset

Erika Adderley – Meet The Robinsons

I have known Erika for more than twenty years. She has become one of my best friends, like a little sister, and I watched her grow into the beautiful woman she is today. We talked about going to one of the outer islands to photograph this fantastic engagement event. Time would not allow this to happen, so Nassau had to make do. Knowing her personality, I did not want to disappoint her or Mr Robinson, who has become a dear friend of mine too.

Antoinne Robinson – Meet The Robinsons

When I arrived in Nassau, I had all my travel documents in order and no checked bags to collect. I could not wait to feel Nassau’s heat on my body as I passed through the checkpoint to exit. I was elated as that familiar aroma of the salty air hit my nose. I was Home! The Bahamas!  As I waited for my ride, I had time to think about how I would photograph my two friends. I had to do my homework before the photo shoot. I was about to give my friend the best engagement images ever! The location, the makeup artist, an assistant, and other minor stuff was in my head. 

Antoinne a tall, dark-skinned chocolate Bahamian IT engineering brother who went to college in Atlanta, Georgia. Over a three to four-year period, after running into Erika at different events and admiring her from a distance, he finally made his move by asking for her phone number.

couple in the sunset on the beach, Nassau Bahamas.
Orange Hill Beach Engagement

Orange Hill Beach, Nassau Bahamas Photos

No worries! The beaches and the unforgettable sunsets that the Bahamas is so famous for are what I would use as my background! Being a Harlem photographer and photographing this couple in New York would have been as easy as one, two, or three. So, for the next two days, I had to set my plans in motion, combining an incredible couple with a fantastic location, which was right in front of my eyes. 

The next day I started my homework. I walked across the street with my Sony camera to find the right location and an idea for the best time the sun would be setting on Cave Beach. Walking the coastline on this less crowded, appealing little beach with a narrow spread of white sand that does not get much tourist traffic is ideal for what I wanted to do. The caves are said to have provided shelter for early Indians and are also handy for beachgoers who needed to escape the sun or rain.

We waited for the most suitable time to head out. The date and time were established, and it was time to do our thing. Erika went to get her face made up, Antoinne had a haircut and shaved, and I had my camera loaded and ready to shoot. That Nassau sun was alluring and burning all in one and moving fast.

As we drove past the beach looking for parking, there were people everywhere. No Worries! We had a little time to move up the coast to another spot, which was perfect! The sun started to show who was in charge! We were moving fast to keep up with it. The one spot I saw and wanted was occupied. As I prayed to myself, the people just took all their belongings, got up and left. Thank You, Lord!

couple in the sunset on the beach, Nassau Bahamas.
Meet The Robinson Engagement Session at Orange Hill Beach

Harlem Photographer – Dracinc | Donn Thompson

It was time to create and sync with that big, bad fantastic sun. I was so delighted when I saw my first images of Erika and Antoinne, Meet The Robinsons.

couple in the sunset on the beach, Nassau Bahamas.

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    Great work! Can’t wait to collaborate!

  2. Ellen Kennedy Williams

    Stunningly beautiful photos of a awesome and ethereal fabric that weaves the beginning of a life time in an undelible union that will span throughout eternity based on the love of two lives becoming one.

  3. Taide Broadbelt

    WOW! Just breathtaking! Donn always finds a way to capture the essence and spirit of the subjects he photographs. Great partnership with nature to create a magnificent blend between earth and man in a dance of pure love. I’m sure this couple will treasure these images for a lifetime. Exquisite!

  4. Stella O.

    I love this! Donn you’ve done it again…….another MASTER PIECE! You are the best at what you do, and only YOU know how to bring the magic! Excellence at its best. Bravo:-)

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