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New York Beauty photographer Donn Thompson Lotus Queen

New York Beauty Photographer Donn Thompson is embracing our Lotus Queen.

New York Beauty Photographer – Donn Thompson’s

Lotus Queen

As the royal heiress entered a new day, she left behind a world of love and affection belonging to the most eminent power. Beads of sweat glistened on her velvety, caramel skin, like morning dew on a lotus leaf.

Lotus Queen dew drop caramel skin
Lotus Queen Caramel Skin Photographer

The gentle drops of the shower highlight the beauty and elegance of the fantasist. Thoughts of our queen are a cluster of butterflies of various colours and species. Her world is perfect, unique, and wealthy. She is a Queen, a beautiful Black woman who has only existed for a day.

Boudoir Images By Harlem Photographer
Backside Lotus Queen photographer

She wore impressive, large gold hoops and had her lips painted with a royal cherry colour. She then sat on the bed, which was her rightful throne. Her majestic head wrap acted as her crown, an attribute of her reign. With a dominant gaze towards her faithful subjects, she commanded over her empire, which was her dream!

Her domain was where she was always a queen. @melina_972 The throne was where she controlled her thoughts. The garden was where she rested her head at night. Her interesting imagination was where it all began as she shut her eyes to a world where she was allowed only

Harlem’s Boudoir Photographer, The Queen.

As the alarm rings, her imaginative journey ends, which she never gets used to. She opens her eyes to a new day, ready to organize and examine her surroundings. It was a world she imagined as a sensual black queen, a dazzling adventure of fancy and make-believe. Her sleep was her world.

New York Beauty Photographer

The Lotus Queen is a revered figure among Black women, including mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends.

I used a Canon EOS 1 D Mark X camera, a Speedotron 800 power pack, and a 102-light head lighting system to capture an engaging image in Harlem, Manhattan.

Boudoir Images By Harlem Photographer
Relaxing Lotus Queen photographer

Taken by New York Photographer Dracinc / Donn Thompson

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  1. Bill Mortley

    I really love these images. I especially love the close-up but it makes me think of why she would be perspiring so much. Would you please share your lighting technique?

  2. Kamela

    Loving this Queen picture story…continue the great work!

  3. dracinc

    Thank You Kamela. Always trying to stay fresh.

  4. dracinc

    She is the Lotus Queen, She is not perfect. She closes her eyes and her world she rules. We dont know why she is so wet, so used your imagination. I use Speed-o-tron Strobes lights and exposed @ 1/250; f/2.0; ISO 50; 35.0 mm

  5. Ines

    I really like these pictures and the story line! Great job!

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