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I was shooting with a Brooklyn Photographer. Artistic and Beauty Photos were a new experience. I had noticed and understood the fascination within me enough to want to explore for the first time! It took some time to get out of my comfort zone; thankfully, I credited Dracinc | Donn Thompson. He made me feel at ease.

Brooklyn Photographer Artistic Photos

Brooklyn Photographer Blue Beauty Photo In The Studio By Dracinc | Donn Thompson

As I oiled my body, realizing how gorgeous my skin looked as that baby oil gel glazed all parts of me to initiate this artistic photoshoot. I then completely covered myself with a clean downy-smelling white robe with Le Grand Gourdan The Spa Resort embroidered on the front, which I would imagine was from a hotel with the same name. Somewhere french! I became so excited to see myself on camera.

Brooklyn Photographer Blue Beauty Photo #1 In The Studio By Dracinc | Donn Thompson

I was about to unveil and prepared to show the world who I was.
A canon camera was propped on a tripod, which faced my direction as if it was a mirror looking back at me. The reflections of my beautiful body were there for me, only to imagine what I was getting myself into—still wrapped in that robe, which became my security blanket for the moment as I thought to myself, making all excuses about why I should stay coved.
I thought to myself, this is a boudoir photographer, a professional pointing his camera at me,

Brooklyn Photographer Orange Beauty Photo In The Studio By Dracinc | Donn Thompson

My Security White Robe 

I was thinking how cold I would be in that water. I didn’t want to use the temperature as an excuse to hold on to that white robe as my security blanket. I then remembered how lovely my skin looked. 

I gradually showed a little more skin, feeling slightly more comfortable, as this Brooklyn shooterDracinc / Donn Thompson, helped me embrace my inner beauty. 

Rose Water Artistic Beauty Photo, Brooklyn Photographer Dracinc | Donn Thompson

As I close my eyes, I imagine myself on a beauty photoshoot with fashion photographer Donn Thompson.

Shit! I did it! The robe came off. I was no longer constrained. My confidence level was high as fuck!. Nothing would hinder me, not even the thoughts that ran true in my head, which only got more creative. I was in my zone. This Brooklyn Photographer’s professional attitude made me appreciate what I was about to do and how I looked. The make-up was beautiful, and the water was nice and hot. Shit. I felt good!

Sexy Boudoir Photographs! of myself, which he showed me as much as I wanted to see. Which meant the world as well to me! I was in love when I saw myself through that canon camera’s LCD screen—incredibly nervous.

Getting Into My Personally Zone

He guided me through the photo shoot as if we were photographing a Brooklyn Advertising Agency Ad campaign, showing me how to pose, explaining his lighting, and making it work best to hide certain parts of my body. He acted more like a New York City advertisement paparazzo., which I thought about a few times.

My Brooklyn Photographer is badass, and my Artistic Nudes Boudoir Photographs are just as badass.
Being a nervous closed person, I would’ve never thought I would be unwieldy enough to do this photoshoot.

Brooklyn Portrait Photographer 

Lenox Ave Afro FunKk Photo By worlds Best Brooklyn Fashion Dracinc | Donn Thompson

I was sitting behind his computer, gazing at all the fantastic portrait, fashion and beauty images that flashed across the screen as images of myself with my elongated limbs and exotic body filled the screen. Shit! I am surprisingly very sensual, I thought to myself. I wanted to see more of me on that screen. I can wait. 

I thought I would be willing to shoot more photos with this Harlem Shutterbug because it was never awkward. It was a good experience. My Brooklyn Photographer Artistic Nude photos Experience! I lived my best feeling of freedom, so you should try it. 

It’s most beneficial to use a photographer you feel you can trust, and that for me was Brooklyn Photographer, Dracinc / Donn Thompson… 

NYC Cinematographer Helping Realizing My Power of Freedom

Bath Tub Beauty Photo, Brooklyn Photographer Dracinc | Donn Thompson

I got overwhelmed, not achieving what I wanted to reveal at a certain point. I knew I would be fine, and finishing the job, as usual, wouldn’t be a problem.

I was given a link to boudoir images, artistic nudes, and beautiful photos to review the poses. Most pages had some fantastic pictures to help me position myself better.
I knew then it was possible. That link and I were unstoppable. Almost like Batman and Robbin, great teamwork. Right! Loving this whole encounter making every second of it the most satisfactory moment. Would you give it a try? Don’t question it. Go for it. It is worth the adventure.

I felt so free, like a bird being released from its cage; it instilled confidence. You will succeed in any other kind of photoshoot; being content in your own created skin is unique.

Yes, precisely. We human beings are beautiful in our way. We all have our flaws. Let us welcome them. Be bold, be beautiful and show who you want to be.

An Engagement Session by the Prospect Park Lake

White swans were out at the lake for an engagement photo session in Prospect Park. With all its new and stunning locations, the greenery as a backdrop with blue skies was perfect. As the best Brooklyn Wedding Photographer, Dracinc | Donn Thompson uses all resources in Brooklyn to make that magical day an unforgettable day you will never forget.

Brooklyn Photographer Wedding portraits of a bride and groom in a park
Prospect Park Couple

I was thrilled and overwhelmed when we were done as I reviewed and selected my favourite images and could not believe what I had just done and was very pleased.

Photos & Words By New York Photographer Dracinc / Donn Thompson.

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