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Afro Funkk. Shelby Farms, Memphis, Tennessee. Shelby County.

Harlem Photographer in New York City

My name is Donn Thompson, I am a Harlem Photographer based in New York City as a Commercial Photographer.

Excellent Photography Evokes Emotion and Seizes Our Consciousness to Beauty in our society connecting to status, cultural expression, and rebellion. As a result, photography shoots can be a source of inspiration, aspiration, and belonging, creating a diverse and broad canvas for expression — especially for commercial photographers.

Using the title of New York Advertising Photographer, New York Fashion Photographer, New York Beauty Photographer, New York Boudoir Photographer, New York Portrait Photographer, and New York Lifestyle Photographer. Along with my thirty-plus years of experience, my team and I focus on all the small parts to allow you to see details that produce a triumphant ending with the highest quality.

An important New York Assistant Photographer

At the beginning of my career, I assisted some of the biggest name commercial advertising photographers in New York City. I also have collaborated with some fantastic iconic New York Fashion photographers. I absorbed many great lessons taught to me by most of these iconic Beauty and Fashion photographers in New York City.

Working as a New York photographer in studios or on location, I have gained the knowledge and resources, understanding most, if not all, photography gear to make the most crucial designs come to life. I love creating, photographing, and recording compelling images for the world to see while staying within a project’s budget and meeting tight deadlines.

The Local Beauty of New York City.

Beauty Photographer Mount Morris Park
Mount Morris Park Blue Flower Beauty Photo

I hope to take you on a fascinating journey to capture the various faces, shades, personalities, and cultures while designing an advertising campaign which is unique, creative, and cutting edge.

Brooklyn Maternity Shoot by N.Y.C. Photographer
Brooklyn Maternity Photographer

Being Creative Photographer

Places with blue waters, dark and dangerous situations, high in the sky strapped to a power shoot, or Harlem, just waiting for the right time to click the shutter on my camera to obtain the perfect image. All of these experiences have inspired me as a Harlem New York Commercial Photographer.

Better in The Bahamas Advertising
Tommi’s Better in The Bahamas Advertising Photographer

A Harlem Photographer Imagination and Freedom

New York Artistic Photographer Dracinc Donn Thompson
New York Artistic Photographer Dracinc Photo
New York Beauty Photographer - Dracinc / Donn Thompson
New York Beauty Photographer-Victoria Studio Photo

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